7 Reasons for Getting DIY Corian Counters and Countertops


When you are remodeling your kitchen you definitely don’t want to skimp when it comes to your countertops. This is even true even when you compare new counters to new appliances. Poor quality countertops make your kitchen look old and unattractive even when just installed. However, when you do some price shopping you might be put off by the cost of solid surface kitchen counters made from Corian.

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You may not be aware that if you have any type of DIY in you it might be possible to install beautiful Corian counterstops yourself. There are in fact kits that make installing attractive high-quality Corian countertops fairly simple.

It is important that you deal with reputable companies that can provide you with quality materials, tools and advice in order to make the installation as simple and easy as possible.

1. Customization of the counter: Make sure that when you decide on a supplier that they are able to build the counter to the specifications that you want. These include specific shape and size. You will definitely want the counter to have a 1-1/2 front edge and will need to be ready and prepared for joining at all intersecting corners.

2. Pricing and Selection: The supplier must have a suitable variety of counters from which you will be able to select the exact colors and designs that will suit your needs and wishes. They should also be able to provide samples for a small cost that can help you with your final decision. A good rule of thumb when pricing the counter material is the cost should be somewhere in the range of 50 to 60 percent of a counter that would be professionally installed.

3. Communicating with supplier: You will be able to communicate important information to the suppliers by email or fax. Drawing, measurements, and other important information will need to be sent back and forth. After you provide them with dimensions they will review this and then contact you with questions, advice and other important information about materials and tools you are going to need.

4. Shipping Information: When you are making the decision of the exact counter material you need to remember about shipping. It is important to get the exact shipping costs and method of shipment. The shipping cost is figured separately but are a part of the final cost of the counter.

By: Associated Fabrication

You will also need to know how the product will be shipped, weight, and dimensions. These things are factors in how to unload the product and how you are going to move it into place. This is important to determine if you need special equipment or personnel to handle the counter.

5. Installation Instructions: Installing Corian counterstops is not a difficult task for the experienced contractor, there is some installation instruction required for the DIY’er. There are detailed written instruction, videos, and Dvd’s that are readily available that can provide great information on how to successfully work with Corian material. Many suppliers may also provide web support or seminars that will provide additional installation information.

6. Product Warranty: Most suppliers will offer a warranty of some type for any type of Corian material that is supplied. The standard material warranty appears to be ten-year but that is not a guaranteed length of a warranty. Product suppliers will also suggest that you keep any leftover material since they can not guarantee any future material ordered will match the color or design of the installed product.

7. Customer Testimonials: When doing your initial product research for the countertop material, it is important to look for customer testimonials. You can find these in trade magazines, websites, plus any type of media coverage. If you can find satisfied customers then there is a good chance that the company and product will satisfy you also. You really need to make sure that the testimonials are legitimate and not fake.

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