Cleaning Your Granite Countertops is Important and Easy


When a homeowner wants to upgrade the value of their home, it can easily be done with granite countertops. This type of countertop is easy to maintain and is a very durable material. Granite, in fact, may be the most durable stone that is used for countertops. Because granite is created from molten rock, it has the capacity to withstand extreme heat. This makes it an excellent counter to work when cooking. The smooth polished nature of granite also makes it an ideal surface when working with dough or bakery products. Even with these features granite is not impervious to being damaged.

By: James Bowe

The high cost of granite material can be justified for the kitchen counter because if it is installed properly the beauty that is added to the room is absolute. It is also a great choice because of the durability. Another great feature of granite stone is that each slab is unique in coloring and pattern. Because granite is formed by many different minerals that are melted together you get difference throughout each section of stone. With the difference in each slab, it is possible that different stones require different care.

It is possible to get granite in a polished finish as well as something known as a honed or flat finish. Honed finishes are extremely attractive but they are not recommended for use as a kitchen countertop. Everyday use will create a finished appearance on parts of a honed finish and the additional care that is required for appearance is not worth the effort.Polished granite is the easiest finish to maintain and with proper care, you will get longevity and beautiful appearance that will last for years.

Even though granite is a tough material there are certain things that must be avoided. Granite can withstand heat and a certain amount of physical damage but you should never use the surface as a cutting space. Always use a cutting board since granite will scratch. You should use never allow acidic foods or liquids such as vinegar or lemon juice to sit on the counter surface. The acids contained in these foods can etch the surface and cause damage. You also never want to use any cleaning products that contain any type of abrasive materials. These can cause the surface polish to be removed and can also cause scratching of the countertop. To clean the counter surface use a small amount of warm water along with dishwashing liquid that has balance ph. This will clean the surface and will not leave streaks.

Even though granite as a whole is extremely hard, the individual minerals may be soft. That is why it can become scratched, chipped, or even break along the grain. Therefore it is not advisable to slide pans, pots, or anything over the surface. The surface can become damaged by the bottom of the dish or pan sliding across the counter surface. Scratches will definitely affect the appearance of your high priced countertop.

A penetrating sealant should be applied to your countertop once a year. This sealant will penetrate the porous nature of the stone and stop moisture from going into the granite. This moisture will cause stains and will affect the overall appearance of the countertop. It is important to get a sealer that will penetrate and not build up on the surface. This type of sealant will build upon the surface and will become cloudy and that also affect the look of your countertop. It is advisable to talk to the granite vendor to get a recommendation on the sealant that should be used. It is important to remember that the polished look is caused by the diamond polishing of the stone and not something that is simply done to the surface.

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In the event of minor damage to your countertop, it may be possible to repair the damaged area yourself. Small damaged spots, marks, or scratches may be repaired by polishing the affected area with fine grit steel wool. Remember to be careful start the repair in a very small area to see if you can fix the problem. If the damage is too extensive or if the countertop becomes chipped it is probably a good idea to call a specialist or granite contractor.

It is important to remember that you have spent some money for a product that is going to add warmth and color to one of the busiest and most used rooms in your house. With the proper care and maintenance, the granite countertop can last a lifetime.

Originally posted 2018-05-07 16:14:16.