Corian Countertops Are a Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Project


If you are thinking about a kitchen renovation, your first thought is going to be new kitchen appliances. Then painting is next, but then what? The thought of replacing your countertops with Corian material may give the occasion for pause. In the past, companies have quoted professional installation of Corian countertops cost in the range of up to $80/sq. ft. Today the mystery behind a solid surface, Corian countertops, has been solved. There are actually kits, information and even DVD’s available to help the do-it-yourselfer install their own countertops.

Why Corian Counters?

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There are some definite advantages of installing Corian counters in your home. First, Corian is extremely durable and with normal care seem to last forever. Second, because the Corian material is a solid sheet material the color is consistent throughout the entire block or material.A counter with a plastic laminate only has a top layer of the material is colored. This can lead to cuts, marks, and loss of color on the sheet. If the Corian counter is damaged it is possible to sand the surface and the reach a consistent color pattern. Third, Corian countertops are more resistant to breakage and chipping of the counter material.

Making the Decision

If you possess the average skills of a do-it-yourselfer, then installing a Corian counter at your home should be relatively easy. For any specific information that you do not have the installation can be found in research, advice from the supplier, and even helpful DVD’s. If you decide to install the counters yourself, you may realize almost 50% cost savings. Although the thought of significant savings is important, remember that the look of your kitchen is important. Be sure that you are able to do the job.

The other major consideration before starting this project is correctly measuring and calculate exactly how much Corian material that you will require. The supplier should be able to give advice and assistance to make sure that you get the measurements correct.

Measuring Correctly For Materials

The majority of kitchen counters are designed in two configurations, either a straight top or two straight tops joined at a 90-degree angle. After installation, a front edge of 1-1/2 inch and a backsplash or 3-1/2 inch is glued into place. In order to determine the size of the counter, you simply measure your existing counter. This will work unless you have expanded the counter area.

By: Associated Fabrication

Corian material is sold and priced by the linear foot. To figure this you add the lengths of the countertop and divide by 12. In order to figure two 96 inch counters that are joined at a 90-degree corner angle, you would add 96 plus 96 and divide the total by 12. (96+96=192. The divide by 12 and you get 16 linear feet. That is what you would order.

If you install Corian kitchen counters your kitchen is going to take on a refreshing and attractive new appearance. You will also be able to save significant money if you are able to install the counters yourself.

So maybe it is the time to take the plunge and improve the look of your kitchen.

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