Create The Perfect Countertop With One of These Seven Materials


The kitchen countertop found in today’s homes must withstand a substantial amount of abuse, They are going to be subjected to a steady diet of harsh kitchen cleaners and abrasives, chopping and processing food, and possible heat from hot pots and pans.

Today we will briefly discuss the 7 most popular materials that are used for countertops:

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Granite – This is a natural stone that is highly popular because of its durability and a natural classic beauty when it is finished properly. Granite is probably the densest of the natural stone material and it is also the hardest stone used in kitchens. Granite maintains it polished luster and is naturally scratch resistant. Even though granite is probably the most expensive stone used in countertops it is still considered a practical stone for use in the kitchen. You will get a good bang for your buck because of the durability of the stone countertop.

Marble – Another natural stone, this stone is considered to be the most elegant of all of the stone materials used in countertops. Marble is also a very durable stone but it does require some care. Acidic foods can cause etching and damage to the stone’s surface appearance. Even something as simple as orange juice can some damage. Marble is also very elegant material and makes a great looking countertop but it is quite expensive.

Slate – This is another natural stone but it does not possess the elegance of granite or marble. Slate is beautiful and has a richness in appearance and is definitely a material that is used indoors. It is primarily used in sinks, fireplace surrounds, and kitchen countertops. Slate is popular because it can be used in conjunction with other stone materials to produce unique combinations. It is also versatile because of its appearance and it will fit and blend with almost any style of kitchen decors. Slate is extremely durable and strong and is much less expensive as marble or granite.

Concrete – This has become the biggest and hottest material found in countertops materials today. Concrete is such a versatile material that is good looking, durable and can be created in a number of contemporary and modern designs.

Concrete can be pre-formed sections that fit together or can be molded and poured on the location. Because of the versatility of the construction concrete can be formed in unusual shapes that you could not do with the stone materials

Concrete countertops are considered expensive and require some care and maintenance. This material is prone to water damage and surface discoloration and must be treated with a sealant because it is a porous material. Concrete counters should also be poured into a smaller section to prevent the counter from cracking because of natural expansion/contraction with the material.

The real advantage of concrete countertops is that it can be stained to any color so the counter appearance is almost endless.

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Corian – This is a solid surface material that first used and became popular in the early 1990’s. It is such a popular product that many remodel experts highly recommend it and will not consider using any other type of material. Corian is a man-made product and is not porous at all. This makes for easy maintenance, little chance of water damage, and easily repaired if burned or scratched.

Stainless Steel – is easy to clean, very hygienic, will withstand extreme heat and enormous wear and tear. Although stainless provides a very ultra modern and super clean look it also has some disadvantages. To some people stainless looks almost antiseptic in appearance and gives the impression of a restaurant or hospital instead of a home. It can also be little noisy, bend, and can be scratched.

Tile – This is a surface that handles hot pots and pans, both stain and heat resistant, and is both durable and tough. Tile can be made from a number of different materials, including porcelain, glass, ceramic, natural stone, mosaic, and quarry. They are available in many textures, sizes, and colors. Because of the many different options that are available this material provides great flexibility in design possibilities. Tiles are most commonly used as a backsplash or trim together with some other type of counter material.

The problem with tile is that the grout that is used to join tiles together can be become discolored or stained. This will hurt the appearance of the countertop. It is also possible that grout can be dislodged and individual tiles can be chipped or broken.

These are some of the common materials that are used in counters and countertops in the kitchen. It is important that you do your research and decides on what is right for you before making any decisions.


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