Granite Countertops in the Kitchen Offer Some Advantages


Granite countertops for the kitchen are an elegant choice. They are formed by nature and they are created by man. Granite countertops are durable, beautiful and are a cost-effective material when used as a countertop. The word granite is derived from the term granum, meaning “grain”.

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Granite is generally imported from places such as Brazil, Africa, Europe, and other areas that are rich in natural stone. Granite is an extremely hard material and will not crack or blister. Granite contains a natural beauty that gives any room a feeling of beauty and color.

One of the more desirable features of granite is the stone’s natural hardness. The stone is so hard that they use diamonds to polish and cut the stone.

Granite has been popular with fashion room designers for years but has only become popular among homeowners recently. The biggest reason for the rise in popularity is the wide variety of designs and colors available. The most popular of the many colors seem to be beige and brown.

There are many features that granite countertops offer such as the ability to withstand heat from pans, pots, and other hot cooking items. Granite also offers great resistance to stains from hot cooking grease and other items. Most granite counters will be sealed with some type of silicone based sealer. This will not allow liquids and grease to penetrate the surface of the granite. The granite that has been sealed properly also offers a cool smooth surface that can be used in food preparation such as preparing and rolling dough for baking.

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One of the remarkable and appealing features of granite is that no two counters are exactly the same. Even if you select the stone from the same source, each stone will be slightly different. That is why granite is so unique when used as a countertop. The natural beauty of the stone also complements almost any type of wood or material that is used for kitchen cabinets. Granite also works well with any type of kitchen appliance.

When you choose to use granite as the counter material you are going to immediately increase the value of your home.

As I stated earlier, granite has become more popular with homeowners, particularly with more upscale homes. Granite is somewhat more expensive than some other counter options, the value added to your home will probably offset any additional cost that you may incur.

When you invest in granite countertops you should realize a gain of at least three times what you spend on the counter. It is important to remember that the counter must fit with the overall rice of your home. You definitely do not want to install granite counters in a home that you can not recoup your cost.

If you decide to install granite countertops, you will need to do some research and pick a color that you are happy with. Granite material normally is available in neutral tones but they are available in different colors. It is important to match the counter with your existing cabinets. If you are going to install new cabinets maker sure that you select cabinets that will match.

You will also need to give some thought as to what type of kitchen sink you want. When using granite the best possible selection is probably some type of stainless steel. Stainless sinks will work well with almost any color of granite and they tend to bring out the color of the granite. I would also consider whether you want the sink to be an undermount as opposed to an overmount. Undermount sinks work better for cleaning the countertop.

You will also need to pay attention to the type of faucet and hardware that you install in your sink. If you decide to install stainless steel sin then stainless steel fixtures will fit right in.

Now, after selecting all of the proper material for your counter, sink, fixtures, cabinets, you are ready for the final item. It will be important to select the right cabinet hardware to complete the new makeover. Even if you do not replace the cabinets, you can do wonders by replacing the cabinet hardware.

So, if you are remodeling your kitchen, granite can give you a great starting point to improve the appearance of your kitchen and increase the value of your home.

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