Soapstone Countertops Are Absolutely Magnificent


If you are looking for a decorator’s dream for the kitchen, then look no farther than soapstone countertops. Not only are these countertops beautiful, they are both durable and relatively maintenance-free. They may very well be the perfect choice when choosing the best countertop.

By: Govi Reddy

Soapstone is made from a mineral that comes from the metamorphic rock. This is a non-porous material that is perfect for use as a countertop material. Because of the non-porous nature of the material, it will not readily absorb liquids, therefore, making it stain-resistant. Stain problems are even present in other counter material including granite.

Another great quality found in soapstone is its ability to withstand and handle heat and hot objects such as pots and pans. Because of the material’s ability to withstand high heat, soapstone is found not only in kitchen countertops but is also used as a counter material in laboratories, grills, and oven interiors. Soapstone has recently developed a wide range of areas that it can be used.

One of the most impressive characteristics of soapstone is the ease of upkeep and maintenance that is required. The only thing that is normally needed is that the counter should be applying mineral oil on a regular basis. It is so simple that once you apply oil to the rag, it may be kept in a zip-locked bag and then used over and over. When you apply the mineral oil you also receive an additional benefit, the counter will begin to take on a deep, rich black color. The counter will turn from a dark gray to black. Occasionally the counter will begin to show some dark green markings, there is not any cause to worry since this is nothing more than natural shadings of the stone.

By: Crocodile Rocks

Soapstone can become scratched after heavy use but there is no cause for worry. To repair any scratches, simply sand the affected area with 120-grit sandpaper then repeat with a 220-grit paper and water. After you finish sanding, then apply mineral oil to the affected area. You should wait several hours then apply the mineral oil again. Continue applying mineral oil over the next few days until the damaged area blends in with the surrounding area.

Now that you have learned a little bit about soapstone counters it might be time to begin research if you are looking to install countertops. This is a fairly new product being used in homes but it might be exactly what you are looking for. Since soapstone may be the future of kitchen countertops you really should try and get ahead of the curve. Then your countertops might be the talk of the neighborhood.


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