You Need to Select Your Kitchen Countertop Wisely


When you decide to get new kitchen countertops you are going to find a huge selection to choose from. They are materials that are good for the home handyman and material that will require special tools and skills. There is one truth that is definitely evident and there is not any particular countertop material that will perfect for everyone.

By: Bill Wilson

The most inexpensive countertop material is a plastic laminate such as the Formica(copyright) brand. This is a counter material that is available in a wide range of colors, designs, and textures and is fairly simple to install. It would require some handyman skills but it could be done.

The biggest negative of this type of material is the resistance to heat is not very high. You will definitely need to use hot pot trivets on this surface material to protect it from the heat. You can place a hot pot directly on the plastic laminate and end up with a nice burn ring on your counter. This is a permanent burn mark and cannot be cleaned or scrubbed away.

Sharp objects such as knives are also a problem for this counter surface. If you cut directly on the counter you will either cut or scratch the surface. This will definitely affect the appearance of the counter and will also leave marks that will fill up with dirt and food. This can contaminate any food preparation.

By: Govi Reddy

One simple and inexpensive ways to solve some of these problems is the purchase of special cutting boards that are resistant to heat. You can use the boards free on the counter or I have seen the boards fitted into the counter and become permanent. Either way, you will have the benefit of the heat protection and you can chop food on the board. If you choose to do this you are getting the benefits of plastic laminate countertops without some of the drawbacks.

Ceramic Tile Countertop

There is nothing that says “Old World or Style” than a tile countertop. Some of the practical advantages of this tile is that it does not cut, scorch or burn with normal wear. Tile is available in a wide variety of textures and colors and because the is tile hand installed, you can let your imagination run wild with ideas and designs. You can make the countertop as fancy, plain, or decorative as you want. Tile countertops can lead to a really unique and beautiful one of a kind creation that is functional as well.

There are two major problems when installing a tile countertop. First, although tile does not stain or become permanently dirty, the grout lines between tiles will. Individual tiles are joined together with grout, when this is installed it is generally white. Over time the grout lines can become stained or even just plain soiled and dirty. Cleaning these grout lines is not difficult but it is necessary and time-consuming.

Second, tile is a problem if you are going to bake, the very nature of the tile surface is that it is uneven and rolling out dough can be difficult if not downright impossible. Once again, if you bake you will need to get an extra piece of equipment to perform this task on a tile countertop.

Granite and Solid Surface Countertops

There are two types of countertops that are extremely popular today and that is a solid surface and granite countertops. Granite countertops are made from a natural rock slab and solid surface counters are a man-made product. Both products offer an unmatched beauty and elegance to any kitchen and will definitely enhance the look and feel of your kitchen. Granite counters will offer you a selection of different colors and patterns. Solid surface material offers a great deal larger selection of color patterns.

There are several drawbacks to these counters. The biggest is price, they are both expensive at the cost of $100-150 per running foot. These countertops are considered the most expensive on the market. It is also possible that the price does not include a backsplash or edging material. Another problem with granite is it is only sold through a limited number of dealers and might be difficult to find and buy. Solid surface counters generally have to be custom made and this will cause a delay in starting and installing your countertop. If you install these type of countertops you will need to make sure it is exactly what you want because replacing can be really expensive.

You need to do your research and then decide and remember if you are happy with your selection, you are the only one who counts.

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